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Ch. Mooncusser's Making Waves, ROM


Martha is co-owned with Donna Dodge

Following in her mother's footsteps, Martha was awarded the title ROM (Newfoundland Club of

America Register of Merit) for having produced 11 Champion get:


Ch. Mooncusser Bruno Bear

Ch. Mooncusser Julia Bartlett

Ch. Mooncusser Kayla Pouch Cove

Ch. Mooncusser Olivia O'Nitupsar

Ch. Mooncusser Sail of Pouch Cove, ROM

Ch. Mooncusser Splish Splash, CD

Ch. Mooncusser Starking Sagamor, ROM

Ch. Mooncusser Windwagon Kate

AmCanCh. Mooncusser's Mogul-Meister

Ch. Mooncusser's Slightly Salty

Ch. Mooncusser's Yogi Beara

Born March 29, 1980
Ch. Pouch Cove Gref of Newton-Ark, ROM Ch. Kuhaia's Rego, ROM Ch. Jack the Ripper, ROM CanCh. Dryad's Bounty, ROM
Ch.Dryad's Vittoria of Nautilus
Ch. Edenglens' Lady Rebecca, ROM Edenglen's Tucker, ROM
Harbour Beem Ethie, ROM
Ch. Pouch Cove Kasha of Newton-Ark AmCanCh. The Sleeper of Newton Ark, ROM Ch. Jack the Ripper, ROM
Ch. Edenglen's Lady Rebecca, ROM
AmCanCh. Kilyka's Jessica of Pouch Cove, CD, ROM Ch. Dryad's Lord Nelson, UDT, ROM
Ch. Shipshape's Sibyl, UDT, ROM
Ch. Mooncusser's Dutch Treat, ROM AmCanCh. Tamiroka's Flying Dutchman AmCanCh. Koki De Nashauauke, ROM Ch. Little Bear's Dauntless
Ch. Shipshape Nana of Nashaauke, ROM
Ch. Tasha of Nashau-Auke AmCanCh. Shipshape's Cutty Sark, ROM
Ch. Little Bear's Cuttyhunk, ROM 
Ch. Mooncusser Friendship Sloop Shipshape's Sea Master Ch. Jack the Ripper
Shipshape's Manda Lifeboats, ROM
Mooncusser's Quahog AmCanCh. Shipshape's Cutty Sark, ROM
Ch. Compass Rose Stays'l
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